ScholAR is an initiative between two young startups in the education field: Escavel Edtech and Aye Learning Labs. We came together with a common goal to provide better learning experiences with effective outcomes. Amongst various objectives, we set out to prioritize experiential learning and higher interactivity as key result areas of our products. We are aware that children learn better by 'doing' and ScholAR is an initiative to promote this process effectively.

Mission statement


We strongly believe that “Experiment based learning” will engage student's minds better and thus enable teachers to impart effective education. Edgar Dale, the famous American educator postulated in his ”Cone of Experience” that while we retain only around 10% of what we read while we tend to retain 90% of what we experience ourselves. This is a widely accepted theory amongst educators and yet they find it very challenging to bring such learning experiences to students within the limitations of a classroom. This is a challenge we hope to conquer for the teachers of the world. We believe that AR and VR based education will provide opportunities for high levels of knowledge retention by Experience.

“ScholAR”  is designed using 3D and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies and will be available on all popular mobile operating systems as well as desktop browsers. We aspire to provide rich simulations addressing over 1000 concepts to explain the most complex topics in science for the middle and high school (5th to 10th grade) community. ScholAR provides well researched content that is relevant and current. Our fascinating experiments and activities in our content library are handpicked by an experienced panel of educators that have a deep understanding of effective learning.

We are bringing gaming technology to education: – we have chosen the best tools to provide 3D enablement and Augmented Reality (AR) visualizations where appropriate, with a single-minded objective of generating a game-like immersive user experience.

As our educational product matures, we will use similar methodologies to solve interesting problems that are coming our way in the field of agriculture as well.

The Team

ScholAR is jointly developed by EscaVel Edtech Innovations and Aye Learning Labs Pvt Ltd. Our formidable team constitutes a mix of experience and young talent that is ready to bring about a radical change in education. We have:

  • 50+ years of corporate IT experience with world leaders in Banking/Financial Services Industry , and in Telecom sectors.
  • Rich experience in new cutting edge tools and technologies capitalizing on Mixed reality and 3D Enablement.
  • Experienced school teachers to provide guidance on content development based on real challenges faced by students in the classrooms.

Developing innovative , exciting educational IT products and bringing them to the reality for under-served markets is our passion. Overarching goal is to kindle the learning process by providing an immersive interactive experience.

Aye Learning Labs is a young, future-ready Learning and Development company. Our flagship program is called AyeLabs, a comprehensive ‘Wholesome Learning and Capability Development’ program based on our own Wholesome Learning Framework. The program aims to develop every child in a well-rounded way.

  • Our Wholesome Learning Framework of learning and facilitation which employs a healthy blend of Left-Right brain learning traits
  • Our capacity building programs develop competencies of a child from age 3 till 12 which is pivotal in their founding and formative years of development
  • We use multi-benefit products which are designed in areas of Neuro-Cognition, Academic Power Learning, Sensory Acuity, Emotional Wellness and Physiological Wellness.
  • Our tools facilitate experiences of both, a learner as well as a tutor.

With AyeLabs, every child demonstrates Higher Performance and Improved Capabilities across intellectual, academic, sports, arts, life skills and any other goals pursued by the child.

Our team profile includes Ex-Headmasters, Educators, Institute Administrators and Learning & Development Specialists. We are advised by leading authorities in the fields of Education, Psychology, Psychiatry, Parent and Child management, Behavioural Traits, Cognitive Sciences and Health Management. Our partnerships include leading teams in 3D / VR / AR content, AI/ML tech and wellness.